The Problem with Many Male Leaders Today will Affect the Women and Children of Tomorrow

I’ve had a couple of weeks to let Rachel’s book sink into fiber of my being. She covered some very important topics from literal biblical womanhood, domestic tranquility chaos, and gender equality. I found the most compelling topic to be that of social justice, especially in countries where women and children are so brutally mistreated. While I believe the safety of women and children is paramount in her book, I’m emphatically determined to speak up about gender equality because I believe their safety depends on it.  Victoria Pinchon, at Forbes, wrote a satire piece on why you wouldn’t want women in the workplace and Greg Kandra, at Patheos, wrote a comical relief on why men shouldn’t be ordained. We can snicker and giggle with them in their silliness, but they both drive an important point home for all of us.

If we have any hope at all for women and children in abusive countries to see a change in their life time, then we (who claim to be so much more civilized) need to work all the harder on living out the very equality we hope to see for them. The two humorous articles I mentioned above speak truth about what our American society still suffers from. Many of our nation’s men are drowning in insecurity about their sexual organs. On any given night of watching ESPN I see several male enhancing drugs promised to increase sexual performance and men are often belittled by preachers for being the slightest bit ‘effeminate’ (like this one who sneered at a man for admiring the strength and beauty of the gift women have in child bearing).

For thousands of years women needed to rely on men for protection and financial stability for themselves and their children, because ‘business was a man’s world’. Only now women can pursue a career and make more money than they can. For thousands of years women worried about losing their men to younger women and now men are afraid their women will leave with their new income and pursue the young muscle ripped jocks they see at the gym. It’s no wonder the patriarchy wants their women to be submissive, wear floor length dresses, and omit makeup from their daily routine.

Women can vote, get a higher education, pursue a career, and be ordained (in a select few denominations). Some, however, are still diametrically opposed to this. Some men still don’t think women should allowed to vote, go to college or have a career, nor be ordained. With all the sexual abuse of children, molestation of teens, financial improprieties, and porn addiction going on among male religious leaders you’d think they had enough of their own issues to deal rather than opposing equality for women at work and in the church.

Men who are insecure in their pants tend to puff up their ego with brutish verbiage with their self proclaimed titles and they belittle those around them. Their childish behavior reveals the fear they suffer from and perhaps it’s time they openly admit their brokenness so they can find healing. In this era of women theologians and justice seekers these men will rise louder and more brutal in their effort to keep women oppressed. The more fervent women are in putting their collective foot down about abuse, oppression, and equality the greater path we pave for women and children world wide.

The largest denominations of Christianity are already establishing churches in third world countries where these precious souls are being abused. What hope have they that those male patriarchy leaders will actually work diligently for the equality and safety of those women and children if they don’t extend it to their own congregations here in America? The greatest advocates for women and children are other women. We could do so much more if women could be leaders both in government and in religion.

So perhaps we should be in prayer for our insecure brothers who rail against women in leadership. It just might make a difference for them to know we understand their insecurities and will hold them up in prayer. Some good counseling could help too. So when you see men like these raising their fist and spitting into the mic when women speak out about abuse, oppression, and equality just pat them on the back and let them know it’s all going to be okay. We still need men in the world and there’s no hidden agenda to minimize their gender or belittle their sexuality.



Failure of the Mega Church

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  1. There is a sickness, a clear and present danger, in much of conservative Christianity … don’t know why, but it’s hideous to see, and when it’s probed for meaning, there is none – power, pride and position.

    Here’s a link to yesterday’s Advent Message – about waiting creatively, and what it means to stand with John the Baptist and the message of Isaiah, “Prepare the way of the Lord” – filling in valleys and taking down mountains – leveling the world … dealing with real sin – not the manufactured sin of conservative Christianity (which has led to so many abuses and so much craziness), but social sin, the stuff that truly rips the world to pieces, shreds the soul, feeding off of power and pride and position.

    Anyway, thanks for this posting … be of good cheer … you stand with John the Baptist …

  2. P.S., for what it’s worth, Mark Driscoll is nuts, or perhaps just a snake oil salesman who knows a good thing when he sees it.

    • Sisterlisa says:

      Thank you for sharing your sermon with me, Tom. I came over and commented.

      It seems to make sense to me…those men who are so resistant to women and who further oppress and abuse them and the children…they’re preoccupied with something and the headlines they make in the paper shows where their minds are. Preachers like Driscoll, Jack Schaap, and the others who make vile comments and elaborate sermons about sex are preoccupied with carnality instead of being occupied with the Kingdom.

      Did you see the story of the 92 year old priest who was sanctioned for celebrating Mass with a female priest? Kudos to him for being inclusive!

  3. Oh yeah, the piece about the priest celebrating the mass with a female priest … courage, for sure … and hats off to the women.