The Bible Doesn’t Have to be 100% Accurate

For as far back as Christianity goes in history, there has been battle after battle. There’s been a lot of bloodshed. Even today, there is an ongoing battle of power that leaves many folks with ‘bleeding’ hearts. Such a thirst for authority over others. What did Jesus say? “Do not lord over others as the heathen do, it shall not be so among you.”

But with over 30,000 denominations of Christianity today, the many voices rage on in their siege for control over the Christian religion. Some of the topics that divide fellowship include:

Keeping women as second class citizens of the kingdom.

Refusing to allow their adult daughters to make up their own minds about their faith.

Rejecting the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in the churches.

Silencing church members from questioning outside the denominational boundaries.

Insisting on who gets into heaven and who goes to hell.

Name calling of people who believe different translations.

False accusations of witches and heretics.

Mandatory church attendance and 10% of your gross income.

Insistence on titles and positions of authority.

Refusal to submit to a council of deacons.

Sure seems like a lot of control issues to me. I thought Jesus brought us freedom.

So why in the world do I continue on in my faith in Jesus with all this fluff and mud slinging going on?

I’ve experienced Jesus and his grace. I know that God wants me to make up my own mind about him without mankind trying to force their views of God on me. I have that freedom and so does everyone else. If I had to rely upon a pastor of a church to be THE mouth piece of God for our generation, which one would be the right one? I think I shall rest in Christ and trust the Holy Spirit who is written on my heart to teach me all things that God wants me to know.

His grace is sufficient. It’s not the bible that is sufficient, it’s his grace. Every time someone insists on the bible being our authority I laugh. I can’t help but to laugh. With over 30,000 denominations how can one be 100% sure they are following the right interpretation of the bible? With translation errors in EVERY English bible, how am I supposed to put my faith in such fallible documents? Last I checked Jesus never said, “Trust in the bible”. Jesus had already ascended by the time the bible was compiled and printed. In fact, Jesus had ascended long before Paul even wrote his letters.

creek by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

The more people come to realize these truths, the sillier people look when they insist on those things listed above. God isn’t going to condemn us because we couldn’t figure out which one of 30,000+ denominations had the right answer. As far as I can tell, grace is the answer.

His grace is sufficient for me.