Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, The Gospel Coalition, and the Rape Culture..but where is Christ?

I can always count on the Christian blogging community to publish their strong opinions about celebrities the night news stories hit, or the morning after. I didn’t bother watching MTV’s VMA show because I knew I’d hear the highlights on the Internet the next day. I knew the online community would deliver. Facebook was aflame with hate and disgust over the performance by Miley Cyrus. If I didn’t already know who professes to be a Christian and who doesn’t, I wouldn’t know the difference, talk about blurred lines. Maybe Robin Thicke’s song reveals the sad and brutal truth about humanity after all.

The mentality that rape and sexual harassment is a blurred line, but it shouldn’t be.

What’s alarming to me is the onslaught of judgment against Miley, as being a whore and trashy, but Robin Thicke’s lyrics aren’t even mentioned.

Christian men are blogging about weeping over Miley Cyrus’ strut on stage, but not a word about the lyrics of Thicke.

Trevin Wax (at the Gospel Coalition) said,

“I weep for the news channels that profit from their all-day coverage of a young woman spiraling out of control.”

But did you catch the latest article about Miley Cyrus on The Onion? I’m not sure if this is supposed to be satire or if it’s the truth.

“So, you may ask, why was this morning’s top story, a spot usually given to the most important foreign or domestic news of the day, headlined “Miley Cyrus Did What???” and accompanied by the subhead “Twerks, stuns at VMAs”?

It’s a good question. And the answer is pretty simple. It was an attempt to get you to click on so that we could drive up our web traffic, which in turn would allow us to increase our advertising revenue.” ~Meredith Artley, Managing Editor Of CNN.Com

If you follow the how-to articles about social media, you’ll know that publishing a blog post on the tail of an already viral topic will get you a higher hit count. From what I’ve seen at The Gospel Coalition, I’m willing to bet they know this and use it to their advantage. We can always count on them publishing their opinions on the latest hot topics and yet I refer back to the very words Trevin wrote:

“I weep for the news channels that PROFIT from their all-day coverage of a young woman spiraling out of control.”

“Oh ye hypocrites” ~Jesus

He goes on to give his thoughts about this sensationalism being something readers are enticed by,

“I weep for a tabloid culture that finds celebrity gossip and embarrassing moments titillating.”

But are Christian bloggers any different? What’s more detrimental to our Christian community? The entertainment world or our own leaders who use the same tactics the tabloids use? We expect it from the world. We shouldn’t be counting on it in the Christian community, or is it permissible to spread gossip about a celebrity as long as it’s laced with pity and weeping?

Oh those blurred lines.

Christians leaders and their followers are quick to cast judgement veiled in promises to pray, but they cover up for pastors who molest children and Christian writers like Michael and Debi Pearl who promote child abuse.

I wonder if Trevin can (or will) draw a firm line in the sand? He did go on to say,

“I weep for men (myself included) who have failed to say, “Enough is enough.”

I weep for all the times I’ve looked at women as objects and failed to see them as someone’s sisters and daughters.”

Confession is good for the soul.

Confess that you’ve looked at a woman in a demeaning way.

Confess that you’ve held those images in your own mind.

Confess that the male patriarchy perpetuates this over sexualizing and abuse of women by enabling people like Robin Thicke and John Piper.

Trevin wasn’t the only one veiling  judgment with pity and prayer.

“I want to be her friend and let her come home to Nashville and rest out of the spotlight for a few months. Because she is a wounded bird to be sure. Can you see that? Can you hear that? She is wounded and fluttering around screaming for help.”~Annie

I’m fairly certain Miley isn’t looking for pity.

Annie goes on to say,

“When that performance was over, and she left the stage, the internet blew up with hatred and disgust [and I am not saying the internet shouldn’t feel that way]. Miley still washed her face last night and climbed into bed at some point and in that most honest moment right before she fell asleep, I wonder if she was sad. Or embarrassed. Or if she is so deep in the rabbit hole of this whole thing that she felt nothing.”

I recall Adam and Eve covering up and hiding from God…embarrassed of their nakedness.. when he said, “Who told you that you were naked?”

What Annie DOES say that resonates with me is this,

“While today’s headlines are tearing her to shreds, we as Christians HAVE to sound different than the world. We HAVE to yell a different chant in her direction about how God made her on purpose and how she is valuable because of WHO she is, not WHAT she does.”

Maybe the good and loving Christian response is to talk like the world? I don’t think so. Talk about trashy! I guess Kristen at ‘Rage Against the Minivan‘ figures if she can’t beat ‘em, she should join them. Or maybe I’m being too judgmental against Christians for being judgmental?

I’m leaning in to listen closely as my friend David Hayward shines the light on the real problem.

“Right out of the gate I want to assure you that I’m not judging Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke in this cartoon and post. This cartoon is about us, not them. I’m sure Cyrus doesn’t mind the press.

Actually, before this ever happened they were saying, “Let’s do something people will NEVER forget!” And they did. Mission accomplished. I don’t feel sorry for Cyrus. She’ll make mistakes like the rest of us, but she’s a smart, savvy, talented woman.

What I am critiquing is our reaction to her. Cyrus receives all the criticism. Thicke barely none. Many suggest, and I’m listening, that this is one huge, public and graphic exposure of the rape culture we live in.”

Thank you, David!

Are people really so blind to their own hatred that they fail to see themselves in the parables Jesus taught?

“And the Christians brought the woman to the town square with lashings in their tongues. “Rabbi, we caught her in the very act. She air humped and made sexual gestures with a foam finger. She stuck her tongue out on stage and wore a skimpy skin colored bikini. She danced like a cheap stripper.”

How would they know what a cheap stripper looks like when she dances?

And even today, Jesus stoops down and writes in the sand. He gets his hands dirty..maybe he wrote “forgiven”.

Adam was created from the dust of the earth. Created with dirty hands. Created out of love.

Miley’s lyrics sound a whole lot like a declaration against this kind of response we’re seeing in the world…and in the Christian community.

“To my home girls here with the big butt
Shaking it like we at a strip club
Remember only God can judge ya
Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya”

Her lyrics go on to describe lining up in the bathroom for drugs, partying with her girls, wearing what they want, saying what they want, and dancing how they want.

She doesn’t take ‘nothing from nobody’.

Yes, her song sends a message.

I’m wondering if it’s not so much about a message being sent to younger girls as it is a message sent the so called adults in this world.

She was raised in Christianity. She has heard the same line all her life.

“Do what we say.”

Oh…but they don’t want her to do as they do.

How does that go again?

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

When Christians can effectively and legally handle the molestation of children by their pastors, youth pastors, and deacons…then I’ll consider listening to their opinions about Hollywood entertainment. When Christians actually speak without foul language, I’ll listen to what they say about not using foul language. I’m still scratching my head about Kristen claiming to be an adult while using immature language. She offers up practical entertainment advice, but I couldn’t find the love of Christ. At least use your own platform to preach the Gospel instead of joining the tabloid onslaught.

Oh wait, I’m judging again.

Miley speaks rightly, “only God can judge ya”.

Maybe she’s sending a message that these haters don’t really love you. They don’t really love her. And she’s right.

How dare these Christians try to dictate to Miley how to perform on stage when they perpetuate this rape culture in the Christian community as it is.

They scoff at celebrities who can buy their way out of legal consequences yet twist the Bible to get their way out of prosecution for teaching parents to abuse their children and silencing their victims of molestation.

Yes, what a sick and twisted world we live in.

Trevin and many others Christians are weeping… I’m beyond the weeping.

Jesus isn’t interested in seeing if you can change the world with your rules and pious pity.

He’s interested in changing YOU.

“It’s me, it’s me, it’s me, O Lord

Standing in the need of prayer.

It’s me, it’s me, it’s me O Lord

Standing in the need of prayer.

Not Miley, not Thicke,

but, It’s me O Lord

Standing in the need of prayer.

Not CNN, not MTV

but, it’s me O Lord

Standing in the need of prayer.”